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People today live a fast life and therefore they need information that they can use and access to make sure they make right decisions. The technology of people search is very impressive and therefore we can see that more and more people today want to make use of people search websites and engines that can help them to find inside information that can help them to decide if they are dealing with the right people or not. Today, people search is being used by almost everybody because it is simple to use and it can provide good information that was usually hard to find.

People search websites are available for free and they are extremely simple to use which makes it very popular with recruitment companies and even multinational companies who want to keep a close watch on their employees. There have been many instances when employees have faked themselves as experts when they are not. Now things are getting better because companies can now trace the work history and personal information of the people through people search websites and people search engines. This makes it convenient for the employers to match the information to make sure that they are hiring the right candidate.

On the other hand, there are many people who love to date people online. Now they have a better way to find more information about their love partners because they can quickly type in the information and get the information. This is really good because people often feel depress when they find that their dating partners are not completely honest. People search websites are also used for finding people who have lost contacts with you and therefore if you want to find your school friends and college buddies then this is the right place where you get the information immediately.

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Missing People Search through Web

There was a time when searching a missing person was really tough because you would need to check with the police and wait for them to give you some kind of feedback or response. On the other hand, you would also have to contact private detectives who would work a bit faster and better than the police. However, things have changed these days because you can start looking for missing people through web. This is really a good thing for family and relatives who are looking for some missing people from their family.

Today, there are hundreds of social networking websites that provide information about people and where they are. Hence, it becomes easier for the people to look for other people. People who have their account on Facebook and Twitter and MySpace often update their information about where they are and where they are going to. This information can be handy when searching for missing people because you can have a good lead to start looking for your loved ones. Most of these social networking sites are accessible through cell phones and therefore you can always reach your loved ones no matter wherever they are.

On the other hand, there are many people search engines and websites that can provide you with details about the person who is missing. You can type in the name, email address or phone number of that person and you will get the entire contact information that will help you to find the missing people. You can search for these people search engines and websites through popular websites like Google and Yahoo. You can even look out for various information websites that provide information about people and you can use them to find some lead about the missing person so that you can reach them and save time and efforts.

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The Purpose of People Search

We have all been talking about the new wave of technology that allow us to find people anywhere in the world, but do we really know the purpose of people search and why so many people across the globe are now using it. There are many reasons to this but there are some common ideas that match with people across the world. One of the most common ideas is that you get to know the person you are dealing with. In the world which is loaded with social engineering and computer forgery it becomes very difficult for us to understand if the person is telling the truth or just faking it.

With the help of people search technology you can look into the other side of the picture. There are many people search directories available on the internet where you can type in the information you have. The database then shows up all the information it has and you can further access the information using that piece of information that you got from these people search engines. You can even dig deeper into it and get an access of the social security number to make sure you are not dealing with the wrong person.

Today, people search is used for multiple reasons like background checks where employers and individuals check the background information because they want to make sure that the person is not lying to them. You can even trace the email address information from it which is good for business people. If you have someone harassing you on the phone you can type in the number and get to know who that person is. Some people even use people search records because they want to find more about the history of their family and about the history of their ancestors.

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The Goal of People Searches is to Get Information

The goal of a people searches is to get information. Like every other operation on the Internet, a people search takes some savvy to get trustworthy information. There are a multitude of options from free search engines and white pages to subscription databases.

A few simple tips can help you get the right information for whatever kind of search you perform

Tip 1: Know what you’re looking for.

One big thing to remember: there are different kinds of people searches.

You may know the person whom you’re investigating, but to run the right people search, decide what kind of information you need about that person. This is exceptionally important if you are trying to verify someone’s identity for business, for dating, or for other new relationships.

Determining up-front what information you need helps target the right kind of search:

1) Address history. An address history shows the addresses and phone numbers for a person going back about 10 years to the current address (within the last two months). This is different from a white page search, which only shows the most recent address. This is a basic location search, but can be used as a starting point for a larger identity verification search.

2) Current address. This is similar to a phonebook search, but people search company records are updated roughly every two months, which is much faster than other white page directories.

3) Names of relatives and associates. Depending on the kind of search, public records and public filings can be used to determine near relatives, partners, associates, and other people related to the person being searched for.

4) Criminal background. Criminal background checks show arrests for both felonies and misdemeanors. Along with highlighting criminal behavior, this can also reveal a great deal about a person’s character, such as repeated alcohol-related misdemeanor arrests.

5) Civil judgments and pending lawsuits. This kind of search looks for any kind of civil court decisions, such as liens, bankruptcies, small claims judgments, even spousal or child support. It also includes pending actions.

6) Marriage, divorce, and birth records. This is a public records search which answers the big questions about a person’s marriage history and whether they have children. Many companies conduct public records searches on a statewide level, not a national level, so be certain to specify where to run the check or to include the entire nation.

7) Asset checks. Asset checks look for ownership records for registered assets like houses and real estate, boats, and cars and for other assets like business partnerships. This search also includes bankruptcies and civil judgments.

8) Other records. People search companies have access to registration records for boats and planes, military records, alumni records, and many other resources.

Tip 2: Check out the data.

Even a professional people search or public records company can return bad information in a report or supply free information without any other benefits. A good people search company has three prongs to supply good reports:

1) Records that go back at least 15 years and databases that are updated every couple of months. The age of records and how long they go back have a big affect on data quality.

2) A variety of public and private databases available for searches.

3) A complete report, including data that is both current and goes back historically and supplies everything expected for that report type.

If possible, do a sample search on someone you know, and test how accurate the information in the report is. An accurate test report means you can be confident in the final search report quality.

Tip 3: Check out the company.

Check out the people search company’s Better Business Bureau rating. Look at consumer groups for customer complaints, inaccurate reports, or companies that charge for information that you can find for free. There are always complaints from privacy groups – it’s the nature of information-gathering businesses, but there shouldn’t be complaints about their service or quality.

Tip 4: Ask for help.

Not all searches are successful at the first go-round. A few topnotch people search companies offer personal support as part of search packages, so if there are too many results (or no results) from your search, you can ask them directly to help you.

Tip 5: Put yourself out there.

The most common reason for a people search isn’t for identity verification; it’s to reconnect with old acquaintances. The chances are that there are old classmates or distant relatives also trying to find you. Try posting your name on message boards, joining alumni groups, even starting a blog or website to make yourself more visible online, and therefore easier to find.

In Conclusion:

People searches are simple to perform, and following these tips increases the chances that you’ll get the information you need.

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People Searches Made Easier With Data Mining

A new personal data mining technology could make people searches and background checks faster and more reliable.

Many companies that collect people’s personal information have large amounts of information on individuals, but don’t have good technology for searching and analyzing all of this personal data.

Suresh Venkatasubramanian, a computer scientist from the University of Utah, has developed a data mining tool that makes the searching and analyzing of this personal data faster and easier.

Search engines like Google; Social networks like Facebook and retailers like Walmart as well as government departments are in the process of creating profiles of people. These people profiles contain hundreds of details on a person.

Your web searches, retail purchases, Facebook likes and social network of friends are all stored in multiple corporate and government databases.

Each of these details say something about a person. The trick is mining all of these details to get an overall picture of someone.

Venkatasubramanian and his coworkers have created a new way to mine multidimensional data on people.

He says that previous data mining methods have trouble analyzing personal information from more than 5,000 people. The new data mining method can easily crunch numerous details on more than 50,000 people.

Analyzing numerous details about people poses a problem because each personal attribute can impact other details.

Some common examples of companies using personal data mining include Amazon’s product recommendations to buyers based on their past purchases as well as the purchases of people with similar interests.

Netflix uses a similar personal data tool for recommending movies and Facebook recommends friends based on people who already are your friends as well as friends of friends.

The ever growing volume of this personal information from search engines, social networks and giant retailers is what makes the mining of details on people so difficult.

The new data mining technology can handle large amounts of personal data because it analyzes people’s attributes incrementally, rather than all at once. This speeds up the data mining of people because you can start without having all the information and mine a person’s information as you go.

Venkatasubramanian will discuss his new personal data mining tool on July 28 in Washington at the Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, which is sponsored by the Association for Computing Machinery.

Reference: scientificcomputing.com

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