Stay Alert While Online Dating

Communication lies at the core of our lifestyle and therefore millions of people make use of social networking sites and even online dating sites because they are looking for someone that can spend quality time and share their happiness and sorrow and listen to them. Although, social networking sites and online dating sites are gaining popularity there are large number of people who look for love partners on the web. This is why online dating sites are still popular in the first place when it comes to looking for potential future partners.

However, you should always stay alert when you are online dating because the online dating scenario has changed considerably now. Today, hackers are always looking for real time information that they can find from the people and therefore they go for social engineering options that makes it easier for them to grab all the information they need. Most of the online dating sites are loaded with spyware and malware that share and display your personal information and even your internet logs to the hacker without you knowing about it. This means that the hacker can actually view all the information you are doing and using on your computer.

Most hackers pretend to be online single female that are looking for potential partners and therefore it becomes really difficult for the people to stop themselves from providing personal information. However, if you are really concerned about your security then you should make sure that you do not provide vital personal information like social security number, email address password, bank details or any other personal information on online dating sites. If you know your dating partner well you can always provide the information on phone or through any other offline channels so that you can stay away from being the identity theft victim.