Different Shades of Social Networking

The era of social networking is here and today millions of people stay connected with each other through social networking sites. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter definitely rule the competition in social networking era but there are various other ways of social networking apart from Facebook and Twitter. Let’s take a quick look at some of the top social networking options that you can use to spread information and to get some great information from the people.

Micro Blogging – Short is sweet and therefore micro blogging sites like Twitter are doing really well. These social networking sites are usually for those who are busy but they still want to get in touch with the people. Such sites are really becoming popular because people can type in smaller conversations and spread the information and news.

Photo Sharing – Social networking is not just about spreading information in content but also in photographs and therefore photo sharing social networking sites are equally popular. These sites are usually for people who love to share their pictures with many friends and colleagues online. The site allows them to spread more pictures for awareness as well. They can even tag the pictures and provide more information. Photo sharing social networking sites like Picasa and Flickr are really popular.

Video Sharing – The power of video is really becoming popular these days and some popular social networking sites like YouTube have become popular for video sharing social networking sites. Millions of people can now upload their videos and show their talent, skills and other information that they want to share.

Blogs – People love to write all the information that they share, experience and feel and therefore they love creating their own blogs. Today, you can find better information on blogs compare to other informational websites.

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