Be Safe in Online Dating Arena

Do you love chatting online with your friends and making more dating partners? Online dating has been on the internet since the very early days of internet and that is what brings more people together. People are really interested to know if someone really on the other side of the world understands them even when they are complete strangers. However, the online dating arena is not as simple as it seems these days because with more complicated technologies around there are hackers and spammers who make use of online dating websites to get more information.

Hackers and spammers are always looking for fresh information through which they can spread viruses and spyware files and since they cannot fight the advanced encryption technology they make use of their social engineering skills to beat the way around. Online dating sites are the perfect breeding ground for hackers and spammers because they don’t have to work hard t extract the information they need. Most hackers pretend to be simple girls who are ready to fall in love with you and in return they extract all the information through sweet talks. Hence, if you are going for online dating websites you need to make sure that you don’t give out too much of information.

Another better way to use online dating websites is through proxies. There are many web proxies available on the internet. You can quickly make use of those proxy sites and then connect to online dating sites. However, always try to keep the conversation simple and general rather than going too personal. Don’t give out information like email address password, credit card number, social security number or your personal cell phone number on the chat as you never know whether your chat is being watched by hackers or not.