Is Social Networking Beneficial?

The craze of social networking websites has really grown all over the world in the last few years and many people today prefer to stay connected to their friends through it. Although, a lot has been said and written about social networking sites the questions remains that whether it is beneficial or not. Critics have sternly said that social networking sites are risky for people because people themselves give out a lot of personal information that they should not give away on the internet as hackers and social engineering experts make use of it as and when they want it.

However, many believe that it is just a small problem that can be resolved by the people itself. People who are on social networking websites can set their privacy settings the way they want and provide only limited information that is good for others. On the other hand, they can still go ahead and make more friends and expand their friend circle. The best thing about social networking sites is that they are totally free and you can create your profile in many different ways. You can also upload your pictures and videos and spread more information that you want others to know.

Apart from personal information social networking is also good for those who are launching their new business. The social networking site works like word of mouth publicity which is faster and better than regular product advertisement. You can upload the information about your new business and spread it across your friends and see how many more people Like your business idea and products. This gives you a good opportunity to promote your business without spending any money which you can invest in other business activities. Hence, social networking is definitely beneficial if you know how to control and display your data online.