What Your Date Should Know?

Online dating still remains one of the most happening things on the internet. Since the advent of internet people have been communicating with one another across the states and across countries and continents in some form or the other. Today, online dating has become very common and even teenagers prefer to go for online dating but is that really safe? The idea of online dating is really good but it does not work always because you cannot expect to get the best life partner in the very first instance. In some cases, people who have met online have been married to each other happily but those are just rare scenarios that fortunately went right.

A lot of people are over excited when they meet their online date. People who are new to the world of internet never really know about the person on the other side of the chat window but they still provide all the information without any fear that the information can fall in the wrong hands. The concept of social engineering has taken a new role for identity theft. Today, hackers are not able to hack into the system because of various security protocols which is why prefer to use social engineering as their only weapon to extract information.

Hackers and spammers need information like your name, social security number, credit card number and email account password and they usually pretend to be a sexy local girl that is ready to be your girlfriend. Once you have provided the relevant information that they need they will log into your system and spread the virus or worm that they want to spread out. Hence, it is always beneficial that you provide only limited information on the internet which keeps you out of trouble and saves you from being the victim of identity theft.

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