The Dark Side of Social Networking

Social networking has gradually become a part of our daily life. Today, people are connected to their social networking accounts throughout the day through their work computers and even through their mobile phones. Hence, the information is always on the web and this is really threatening for the people who post more and more information on the web and keep it open for different to view it. Some people are really passionate about making more friends on the web and therefore they post a lot of vital information on the web which is open to everybody. This can really go against them because that is exactly what the hackers and spammers are looking for.

In the world of internet information and data means everything and therefore access to that data can have fatal consequences. Hence, it is always recommended that we should not put up all the vital information on the social networking websites because it becomes easier for the hackers to know more about what you are doing. People tend to type in all the information they are doing like whether they are at home or going out with someone. Hackers can make use of this information for their corrupt intentions and you can soon become the latest victim of identity theft.

Another problem that you can have because of these social networking websites is that your personal information like social security number and your home address can be extracted by data mining companies and can post it on various people search engines. This can be the worst thing for you because anybody in the world can now view your private information for the price of few dollars. Hence, always put up limited information on the website so that you can always keep intruders at the bay.