Is People Search Technology Risky?

Technology works like a coin that has two sides and therefore it has its own advantages and disadvantages depending on how you use the technology. There has been a constant debate in world politics and technology world about the effective use of people search technology. While some say that people search technology is beneficial others claim it to be risky for the very same reasons. Hence, people search technology has been in the news for some reasons or the other. The biggest risk of people search technology is that it can provide a lot of information about us to the world without our permission.

Although, employers feel that they have the right to know all the information about their employees. Many employees and officers feel that companies do not have the right to intrude in their private information without their prior information. This issue has already created a storm in the corporate world as many multinational companies now use people search engines like Pipl and CVGadget to find the true information about their employees and potential candidates. They also dig out more personal details with the help of the same technology which is frustrating for employees.

Many high ranking officers also feel the threat about people search technology because they would like to keep their vital information like contact details, mobile phone numbers and email addresses private. Some people even claim that these people search engines allow access to information for few bucks and that is something that hackers would love because all they need is access to information through which they can hack into the lives of people they want to target. Many web forums even claim that many politicians make use of these people search engines to uncover personal information and to blackmail people to get their jobs done.