Social Networking in 2011

The craze for social networking has been on the rise in the year 2010 and many online experts believe that social networking will reach new heights in the year 2011 as more and more people are now depending on social networking websites. Initially, social networking websites were used for making friends and knowing more about your contacts but things have changed in recent time. Today, social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter are already competing with Google and giving them hard time to maintain their top position in the list of most visited websites.

If you are not aware of the powers of social networking you will be amazed at what these social networking sites can do for you. If you are alone you can find tons of friends here on social networking sites that can share your views, thoughts and opinions. You can even hunt for your old friends with whom you had spent your school days and college lectures. You can even hunt for any of your old office colleagues through social networking sites. You can share almost every event of your life with the people you know through these social networking sites.

On the other hand, you can share what you want to share on social networking sites. Many youngsters have now come up with their talents and skills and post them on these websites. They upload their videos and resumes online so that they can showcase their skills to the world. People who are into business prefer to promote their new products and brands through social networking sites because they can get a good customer base through these sites. Some people even use social networking sites to investigate the true information about the people because they would like to ensure all the details are correct before they make any new deal.