Checking Online Mates

Do you love to make more and more friends online? Millions of people across the globe love to find online partners and mates but they are not really aware that they might get checkmate if they don’t know how to handle their mates. Most people on the internet feel as if they have fallen in love with the opposite person and they give out all their information on the very first instance but that can be really dangerous because identity theft is gradually rising because of the ignorance of the people who don’t know much about how hackers and spammers work online to retrieve all the information.

Hackers and spammers totally depend on their latest gadgets which help them to access all your computer files. However, some chatting sites now have better encryption technology which does not allow them much room and therefore they prefer to go other way around where they use social engineering skills to retrieve all the information that they need. Hence, they pretend to be someone else usually a girl looking to date boys and men online. This becomes an easy prey for the person who is not aware of what lies before him in the future.

Hence, it is always recommended that you never share your email password, credit card numbers, social security number and even your work and personal address on the web because it can be anyone on the other side. However, if you still want to do that you can find some information about your partner and see if they are really honest and true with you and find out if they can be trusted with the most confidential data that you give them. You can make use of various social networking sites and even people search engines to cross check their real identities and information.