Online Dating the Wrong Woman

Many a times it happens that you are online chatting in some chat room with your friends and you suddenly get this personal message from a woman who is really interested in chatting with you. Of course, being a man you certainly take a step forward and things begin to go your way but one fine day she is in a financial problem and you feel sorry for her condition and begin to send her some cash through your credit card. However, you start noticing that after every few days you are sending her some kind of financial help.

Online dating can be a good thing because you may get to interact with more women from different corners of the globe that have different thinking patterns and behavior. It is a wrong concept that women mostly become victims on online dating websites. There are cases where men too have been cheated and have become victims of online dating by various scammers who make the most out of the opportunity they get. Hence, you should be very careful if you are dating some girls or women online because you never really know if the opposite person is telling truth or simply bluffing.

If you are dating a women always make sure that no matter what happens you never give out your credit card information to her. Vital information like social security number, credit card number and email passwords should be kept confidential and therefore never disclose that to her. If she is willing to come to your place to meet you always tell her to make the first trip on her own money. Always ask her to take the relationship offline because if you are serious about her then you will need to meet her in personal and decide if you both really click together.


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