INTERNET LAW – Scope of Public Domain Information Through the Internet

“Public Domain Information” is information that is lawfully available for public use, free of charge, and is not protected by copyright or patent laws of the United States of America. It includes works and/or other information such as music, invention, artwork, writing, movies, photographs and technology. Many people are using the Internet to contribute to the public domain, or make works in the public domain more accessible to more people. If a relevant material is available on the internet, it can be copied to thousands or even millions of computers without any immediate cost.

You can obtain public domain information and articles from a variety of sources on the Internet. Government websites are one of the recommended productive sources for information. Most of this information is free for your use and can be a valuable resource of information for your website. The only requirement with these websites is that you leave the author’s biography box intact when you use the article on your site. You can find quality, keyword-savvy and search engine optimized articles on these free websites. There are ample articles and information on the Internet that are free and can be reprinted for one’s personal use. However, the negative aspect of using these articles is that many other websites use the exact information in their relevant websites. Search engine results for your site would therefore place it in a lesser grade than other sites, since the articles used are the same as on other websites.