Can Social Networking Sites Change the World?

Social networking websites are really becoming popular these days are more and more people are getting connected with their friends and family members through these websites. Websites like Facebook, YouTube, MySpace and Twitter have provided new dimensions to the people who are looking for new friends and connections all over the world. With so much of popularity and demand for social networking sites many new business entrepreneurs are now coming up with new innovative methods that would allow the world to shrink and get close to each other.

Social networking websites are gradually empowering the people to voice their thoughts and ideas across the globe and that can really change the world because people can speak up their mind if they have something to say for or against any individual or organization. Many tech gurus believe that a lot of people stay connected on these social networking sites and constantly speak up their mind. People can third world nations can speak to people from developed countries and share some ideas that can help their country and even debate on how political policies should be framed in order to create a better developed nation.

People can share some shocking footage that they have in order to expose corruption and other illegal activities that is happening in their country and can force media to back up their protest. Intellectual can form a group irrespective of what their nationality and come out with brilliant inventions and discoveries that can baffle the world in an instant. People looking for their lost friends can find some of their old friends and schoolmates on these social networking websites so that they can relive the same moments when they are together. It is certain that many more features will be added to social networking websites in the future to make it more powerful and interesting.