The Rise of Social Networking Websites

Man is a social animal and therefore you cannot keep yourself from interacting with the others. From the very existence of mankind, humans have tried to communicate their thoughts, ideas and feelings to each other through scriptures, paintings and other methods of communication. Today, when most of the work is done through internet, man has turned this invention into a global communication system that allows us to communicate and interact with each other no matter wherever we are. Even those who are not internet savvy are getting attracted towards this new trend of social networking.

Those who are internet savvy are already busy registering their account with different social networking websites that not only allow people to communicate and ping each other, but they also let you share your opinions and play games that needs social interaction. Websites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are among the top websites that are globally popular for their simple and effective methods that let people communicate and do and share ideas with each other. Today more than 75 million people have already have a Facebook or a Twitter account where they can login and share their feelings and thoughts with thousands of internet friends.

A similar craze for online chat was popular in the late nineties which is now taken over by these social networking websites that allow users to do different things like they can share their pictures, videos and links with each other on the internet. These social networking website provide users a limited amount of space where they can store all their details and information and share that data with hundreds of friends online. Many artists and creative people who are looking for an opportunity to display their talent prefer to post their videos and links online to earn the fame that they would never receive in real.

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