Finding Missing People Who – Intentionally Go Missing!

If you are trying to track a missing person who you suspect may have gone missing intentionally, you may wish to consider employing the services of a missing person’s professional service provider after you have contacted the local and federal police authorities.

Do your research first and find out the agency’s track record.  Ask for statistics as to how many individuals were successfully located in what timelines. Request testimonials from the agency and enquire as to what techniques and technologies are used.

Provide the agency as much information as you can gather in terms of any possible causes for why the individual in question may have ‘chosen’ to go missing, including running from debt, gambling and drug and alcohol abuse, as well as family or relationship problems.

Try not second guess what information may be of use and what may not.  Rather record as much information that comes to mind and that you can put together based on whatever paper trials and documents you may have on hand.  Professional people searchers have eyes trained for clues.  Part of your job is to provide as much information as possible, so that they may deem what is relevant to their search and what is not.

Allow the police authorities and the agency you may contact to guide you as how best you may facilitate their work –they are professionals trained in tracking and finding missing people, and you want to ensure that your efforts are helping and not hindering theirs.

Perhaps most importantly, you want to ensure that you have a check list of procedures to follow so that your search is methodical and structured.  The more the methods are transparent, the more that you can be actively involved or support the efforts of the agency.

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