Conduct Professional Background Checks

Stop and think about this for a moment.  Whether you are working in a smaller or a larger company, do you really know who you are working alongside? One of the better ways to have some piece of mind is to know that your fellow employees have undergone a background check.  This should be considered as bare minimum although this is seldom the case.  All too often, companies will forgo conducting background and even reference checks because the person they employ seems nice and gets the job done well.  Dig a little deeper, and perhaps forfeiting the background checks is simply a cost-saving measure.

Have you ever noticed that once you build a certain trust up with certain people they open up and will reveal sides to them that surprise you?  For example, they may admit to having been depressed or abused in their past or to having drug or alcohol problems.  They may even tell you this because they subconsciously want you to help them.  Oftentimes, your fellow employees may even reveal things that might have made an employer think twice before hiring them, such as signs of emotional instability or inability to cope with the modern stresses and pressures in our modern day society.

The idea is simply you can and should really use the criminal check as a gauge as to whether you are joining a company which adheres to minimal employee security practices.  If you join a company which hires its employees without conducting background checks, you have no guarantee about whom you are working alongside.

Become an advocate in your workplace for professional background checks.  Opt for a grassroots approach if need be, where the employees convince the upper management to introduce background checks.

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