Using an Alias Represents Trouble for People Searching!

What do Carlos Ray and Chuck Norris have in common? The answer: everything. Like most celebrities, taking on a pseudonym is a common occurrence. While a free people search for more famous aliases such as Tom Cruise and Bob Dylan will easily connect you to Thomas Mapother IV and Robert Zimmerman, using an alias represents trouble when trying to locate someone.

There are a number of reasons to use an alias; from a common occurrence such as a writer or a professional sticking with their maiden name, to something serious such as a pedophile or scam artist. While websites such as a Megan’s Law registry will list known aliases, other registries often fail to produce all of the appropriate public records information you need. Even social networks present trouble when finding someone. In a controversial move, Facebook recently purged thousands of perceived fake names. Though some of the names they removed such as Seymour Butts were obviously fake, Facebook or anyone else can do little about evaluating a common name.

For a variety of reasons, if you’re performing a people search on someone you believe is using a pseudonym; you’ll want to use a professional people search. Paying a little extra for your people search will save you time and ensure that you can find the correct person. Sure, you can always use a free search engine such as Google or Yahoo, but when you’re dealing with the likelihood of an alias, free people searches are often unable to associate the correct person with their public records. By looking over multiple databases, a professional people search engine will track down the records you’ll require.

Reference: Intelius, Inc.

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