How to Track a Person Who Wants to be Missing

If you ask enough people you know, you’re bound to hear someone who has a story about a missing person to share, one which may or may not have a tragic ending.  Less than a month ago, I spoke to the landlord in the building I am renting in, and he told me that his wife had lost her sister at an early age, when she went missing, and was later found murdered.  About two years ago, I belonged to a public speaking group, where one of the members ran off the club finances and only resurfaced a year later, long after many people had concluded he was not alive.  Another case that comes to mind is a story a work colleague told me of how her friend’s husband had set fire to the company’s office and run off with the money in the safe.

Nowadays, the family and loved ones of a missing person have to consider the possibility that the person who has gone missing might have chosen to do so.  It means asking difficult questions, such as did they have a problem with depression or finances, gambling or drug abuse, among other possibilities.

If there is any suspicion that the person missing might have gone missing deliberately, then the services of a professional missing people service provider may be an option worth considering.  Once the case is reported to the police and local authorities, the family may consider also employing the services of a missing people service provider.  It is imperative, of course, to ensure that all parties in a missing person’s hunt be privy to what the other parties are doing, to ensure proper coordination of all efforts and that all safety and security precautions are met.

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