Finding Lost Friends and Old Acquaintances

I just received an email from Tom, an old university friend, who wanted to add me onto Facebook but couldn’t remember my last name.  When I reminded him of my last name, he joked that it was a lot easier to search for someone with my last name, which is not that common, than his last name, which joins the ranks of popular names, such as Brown, and Smith.  I might have wondered how many other people wouldn’t mind getting back in touch with me but can’t remember my last name but I actually didn’t.  I’m quite content with my circle of friends and acquaintances being the size it is.  This said, I have on the odd occasion thought of contacting someone only to realize that like Tom, I had no clue as to what their last name was.  In a world where it’s so much easier to find people online this supposes nonetheless that you actually know their last name.

Google ‘Finding a Long-Lost Acquaintance’ and you’ll find you are not alone.  It’s easy to get lost in an online world where people are trying to find each other.  You have eHow tips and pointers, Flickr photos, Askville and the offer to send anonymous emails, along with over 500,000 other links.  Like any job you decide to get done, I’m increasingly of the calling that you want to ask yourself one simple question at the outset: “Is this task that I want to undertake in my skill set?”, and if the answer is no, then turn to an expert.  Would you create a webpage if you didn’t know how, probably not?  Would you choose a cell phone without talking to a shop assistant, probably not?  The same goes for finding long-lost acquaintances online.

In tougher economic times, it’s smart to look at what you’re spending, where, but you also want to ask yourself how much time and effort you’re spending while you try to save on your initial investment.  If I went online today to look for Neil Robertson, a guy I worked with from way back when, I’d probably spend 3 months before making any headway, or if I stopped work altogether, maybe I’d be able to knock on his front door in a week or two.   The point is why spend forever playing the amateur when an expert can do what they do best, and be able to tell you how long it’s going to take them in advance.

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