Fraud, Fraud Everywhere! Is Background Checking a Myth?

Every day, we wake up to the stories of frauds and scandals in every nook and corner of the world. You do a simple Google search, and you will get bombarded with a number of such stories glaring at you which will make you wonder can you really trust the world around you? If you are the highly optimistic kinds and believe that it cannot be you who would ever be a victim to something like this then my dear friend, I would say think again…

The more frauds and scams we come across, the bigger the reason for us to know whom we are dealing with in our day to day transactions. The volume or the gravity of the transaction does not matter here but what matters is that we do not get ripped off our trust, belief and faith.  It is the responsibility for each one of us to ensure that we are not fooled around and walked all over by people who are ready to get on to us.

Like for instance, would you hire a baby sitter for your little one who “seemed nice” … perhaps not… I hope you would say that “I would conduct a thorough background check to ensure that tomorrow the so called nanny does not turn out to be somebody with a criminal record or any other source of serious concern”. Likewise, would you risk your business and organization and add anyone to your organization? Or would you assure yourself that you are hiring the right guy and that you are not handing over your business in the hands of someone who turns out to be corrupt and a fraudster? can definitely help you!