How to Track a Person Who Wants to be Missing

If you ask enough people you know, you’re bound to hear someone who has a story about a missing person to share, one which may or may not have a tragic ending.  Less than a month ago, I spoke to the landlord in the building I am renting in, and he told me that his wife had lost her sister at an early age, when she went missing, and was later found murdered.  About two years ago, I belonged to a public speaking group, where one of the members ran off the club finances and only resurfaced a year later, long after many people had concluded he was not alive.  Another case that comes to mind is a story a work colleague told me of how her friend’s husband had set fire to the company’s office and run off with the money in the safe.

Nowadays, the family and loved ones of a missing person have to consider the possibility that the person who has gone missing might have chosen to do so.  It means asking difficult questions, such as did they have a problem with depression or finances, gambling or drug abuse, among other possibilities.

If there is any suspicion that the person missing might have gone missing deliberately, then the services of a professional missing people service provider may be an option worth considering.  Once the case is reported to the police and local authorities, the family may consider also employing the services of a missing people service provider.  It is imperative, of course, to ensure that all parties in a missing person’s hunt be privy to what the other parties are doing, to ensure proper coordination of all efforts and that all safety and security precautions are met.

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Finding Lost Friends and Old Acquaintances

I just received an email from Tom, an old university friend, who wanted to add me onto Facebook but couldn’t remember my last name.  When I reminded him of my last name, he joked that it was a lot easier to search for someone with my last name, which is not that common, than his last name, which joins the ranks of popular names, such as Brown, and Smith.  I might have wondered how many other people wouldn’t mind getting back in touch with me but can’t remember my last name but I actually didn’t.  I’m quite content with my circle of friends and acquaintances being the size it is.  This said, I have on the odd occasion thought of contacting someone only to realize that like Tom, I had no clue as to what their last name was.  In a world where it’s so much easier to find people online this supposes nonetheless that you actually know their last name.

Google ‘Finding a Long-Lost Acquaintance’ and you’ll find you are not alone.  It’s easy to get lost in an online world where people are trying to find each other.  You have eHow tips and pointers, Flickr photos, Askville and the offer to send anonymous emails, along with over 500,000 other links.  Like any job you decide to get done, I’m increasingly of the calling that you want to ask yourself one simple question at the outset: “Is this task that I want to undertake in my skill set?”, and if the answer is no, then turn to an expert.  Would you create a webpage if you didn’t know how, probably not?  Would you choose a cell phone without talking to a shop assistant, probably not?  The same goes for finding long-lost acquaintances online.

In tougher economic times, it’s smart to look at what you’re spending, where, but you also want to ask yourself how much time and effort you’re spending while you try to save on your initial investment.  If I went online today to look for Neil Robertson, a guy I worked with from way back when, I’d probably spend 3 months before making any headway, or if I stopped work altogether, maybe I’d be able to knock on his front door in a week or two.   The point is why spend forever playing the amateur when an expert can do what they do best, and be able to tell you how long it’s going to take them in advance.

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Missing People Who Don’t Want to Be Found

Not all missing people are really missing.  Certain individuals might want to go under the radar of debt collectors and collection agencies, especially in these more desperate economic times.  Other people might be facing a life crisis and their coping mechanism is to cut themselves off from their friends and family.  Other individuals might not want or be able to pay child support.  These are just a few of the cases where an individual simply ‘chooses’ to go missing.

If you are looking for someone, it’s extremely difficult to know for sure whether or not the missing individual came to harms’ way or actually just opted to withdraw from a particular circle of family, friends and acquaintances.  When in doubt, as to the exact circumstances that led up to a person going missing, most professionals would advise erring on the side of caution.  Even if you have good reason to believe that the person is around somewhere but for some reason or another doesn’t want to meet up with you, it’s not advisable to jump to this conclusion.  You are still best to turn to professionals, who not only are experienced in looking for individuals who are missing, but also in dealing with individuals who want to be missing.

Rather than do the online and off-line research yourself to find a particular person, do the research to find the right missing people service provider.  Ask to see a company’s testimonials and enquire about their success rate.  Also you want to enquire as to what kind of guarantees the service provider might offer in terms of helping you achieve success in locating a missing person. Once you have found the right service provider, let them assist you in handling your case. is a reputable specialist in finding missing people.   Put us to the test!  We welcome any of your inquiries.

Fraud, Fraud Everywhere! Is Background Checking a Myth?

Every day, we wake up to the stories of frauds and scandals in every nook and corner of the world. You do a simple Google search, and you will get bombarded with a number of such stories glaring at you which will make you wonder can you really trust the world around you? If you are the highly optimistic kinds and believe that it cannot be you who would ever be a victim to something like this then my dear friend, I would say think again…

The more frauds and scams we come across, the bigger the reason for us to know whom we are dealing with in our day to day transactions. The volume or the gravity of the transaction does not matter here but what matters is that we do not get ripped off our trust, belief and faith.  It is the responsibility for each one of us to ensure that we are not fooled around and walked all over by people who are ready to get on to us.

Like for instance, would you hire a baby sitter for your little one who “seemed nice” … perhaps not… I hope you would say that “I would conduct a thorough background check to ensure that tomorrow the so called nanny does not turn out to be somebody with a criminal record or any other source of serious concern”. Likewise, would you risk your business and organization and add anyone to your organization? Or would you assure yourself that you are hiring the right guy and that you are not handing over your business in the hands of someone who turns out to be corrupt and a fraudster? can definitely help you!

Background Check: Why it’s Importance Today!

Is it the irony of today’s world – the fact that trust has gone out of the window? There is nothing called blind trust. Faith has become a forbidden fruit that nobody wants to swallow down their throat. Believing in not believing is the norm of the day. Is our Beliefs and trust so easy to be mislead and shaken? Is the wall of trust biting the dust at our feet? Wondering what is this all about?

Heard of background check? Wondering what background checking is all about? Why is it so important? With so much to fear and so few to trust it is necessary that your radar picks up correctly who is worthy of your trust and belief. Hence, it becomes imperative that you conduct background checks and broaden the horizon of your radar and provide teeth to it too.

Today’s scenario demands tighter security measures not only in personal life, but also the employment world. This is where background checks come handy. These checks are not only conducted for past experience and qualification but organizations have moved a step further and are also conducting criminal checks these days. These full background checks are conducted before an offer of employment is made. These checks not only help you verify your subject past history, but it helps in choosing the most suitable candidate for your organization.

There have been innumerable instances where candidates have provided false information and back ground verification has helped companies to take timely and corrective action.

So are you doing background checks yet? Think about it before you hire your next candidate. may be able to help you.

Company Requested Background Checks before Hiring?

Have you gotten fed up of filling out those multiple page application forms while applying for a job? Do you know why companies seek so much of information about you when you are applying for a job? They request information about your education and also your experience that runs into several pages? To make things more cumbersome for you they also ask you to provide few references with their addresses and contact numbers, with whom you had a working relationship. Have you wondered why? What do they do with so much information? Do they do anything about it or it just gets filed in one dingy corner of their office?

If this still perplexes you, then let me unfold some of the mystery for you. This is part of the hiring process for most companies today and it is called background check which they conduct before they make the final decision of bringing you onboard. It may be just a procedure for most of us but for people, who have false testimonials and fudged resumes, be aware!

Background checks is the need of the hour and is a key determinant if you are part of that esteemed organization or not which you have been eyeing for a while now. Candidates who provide true credentials can sit back and relax but for others watch out because the information that you have withheld may just get revealed. Back ground checks help organizations to make sound and wise decisions and they can be rest assured that they are not hiring applicants with criminal records. Having said that companies have to be careful while conducting these back ground checks as applicants with faulty resumes can outsmart as they are very well aware that displaying criminal records on their resume will deny them the opportunity to even get an interview call.

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Know Who You Are Doing Business With

Would you invest your money in a financial company whose reputation was little, if not, known?  Unlikely not!  Similarly, you definitely do not want to start doing business with individual, whose reputation does not precede them.

Today, more and more entrepreneurs are being enticed by get-fast-rich-schemes both online and in the start-up corporate environment.  If you are thinking of throwing your savings into the wind, then you just need an email address and a credit card, and you can do yourself some pretty serious financial harm.  If you want to make a sound investment, then know who you are dealing with, and research them properly.

Researching a company thoroughly entails doing a background search, to see if they have any history of fraudulent practices.  This is hugely important, if you are collaborating in any fashion.  For example, on a smaller scale, let’s say you have written an e-book and you are looking to hire a publisher or marketer.  For all you know, you might end up hiring someone who will copy your ideas, and commit intellectual property theft.

Do go through an agency that conducts professional background searches.  Going through an agency has the added advantage of identifying avenues of action that you had not considered exploring.  For example, you may not think immediately of conducting a credit check on a company that you are thinking about doing business with, especially if their financial reports seem sound on paper.  The professional agency may very well suggest, given your set of circumstances, that this is a must for you.

You don’t want to err on the side of misinformation, rather on the side of caution.  Why conduct a background check if you miss out on the most important steps, simply because you didn’t know that these steps existed. Approach – the experts, for any assistance/guidance in this area.

Pay the Price for Finding the Long Lost Love

People searches do not only have to be about trying to find someone who is missing or thought to have come to harm’s way.  People searches can be exciting and romantic affairs, as they can be cause for happy family reunions.

Whether you want to find a lost person or to find a person that you have lost contact with, going through a professional people search agency is a viable choice.  If you Google “people searches” on the Internet, you’ll find many a site, telling you how you can trace a person from a phone number or from an email address, or how to glean information on a person without having to go the professional search route.  I’d say, great go for it, because in terms of cost, you definitely will be saving, but I’m actually not convinced.  I adhere to perhaps a more traditional school of thought, where you get what you pay for.

When I buy something, I actually prefer to foot a pricey bill if need be, and the logic is simply that I don’t want to be paying for the product or service again two months down the road.  And when I hire someone to do a professional service for me, I want to trust that they will not take shortcuts simply because they know they are dealing with someone who does not know their area of expertise like they do.

I could search for a long-lost love myself, using a medley of suggestions from a variety of online sources, but then in all likelihood, I’d spend hours and hours researching online, and, in all likelihood, I might not end up much further ahead.  The trick is to ask the professional service provider to estimate the total cost and success rates, and to explain what % of the search options out there, and available to me, that I would be using.  Then at least, I know what I’m paying for.

Pay for a professional service and you get professional accountability and results.  Pay nothing and you get a freebie. Give a try!

The Merits of Professional Background Checks

Nowadays, it’s gotten easier and easier for individuals to mask their identities, or rather to have many masks to their identity.  Take emails for example.   The husband who wants to have an affair can easily set up different gmail or yahoo accounts, under variants of his name.  This means there need not be any messy overlap, with the communications ending up in the wrong hands.  And the child-minder who has had a deviant background will, most probably, know how to cover at least some of their tracks.  People that act in lesser than noble ways, do not, in most cases, actively seek to be found out.

So what’s the best approach in these, and similar cases?  In a perfect world, you speak with the person where you’ve started to second-guess their actions and behaviors, and you ask them straight out what’s going on.  The likelihood though is that you’ll most likely walk away no further ahead because they would imply a willingness to have such a dialogue that was not there before.

You do not want to start second-guessing everyone in your intimate circle, but you do want to make sure that the trust you invest in those close to you is reciprocated.  Maybe the best way is to lay the trust card on the table with anyone you meet, that you will be doing business, either professional or personal business with.  You can simply say, “Look I want to make sure that the people in my life are the kind of people I can entrust the care of my children or my business or my partner to…”  Ask someone if you can count on them leaves a lot up to interpretation.  Ask someone if it’s ok to conduct a personal background check on them, and you’ll know for sure.

Conducting personal background checks may not yet be mainstream practice but maybe it should be.  If you are aspiring to be the best you can be, would you want to associate yourself with anyone who might pull you down or slow you?   Would you seek to be best friends with a person with an alcohol or drug problem if you were choosing a new best mate?  Probably not, especially if you have a family and children to take care of.

There is value in knowing who you are dealing with, and even more so, in exploring the niggling doubts that you may have about the person.  It’s either that or you risk finding out, three years down the road, that your gut feeling or intuition was indeed right.

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