Employee and Tenant Vetting Is Really a Compliment

A friend, Mary, asked me to help her screen a few potential tenants for her flat in city center which had suddenly become vacant.  She said it had been a while since she’d had to rent it out and then she felt a bit rusty.  So Wednesday evening was dedicated to the viewing of the flat.  The first two girls seemed just fine to Mary, so she didn’t even ask me what I thought.  And then came a man, his partner and a good friend.  And as soon as he’d left, Mary turned to me and said, that she didn’t like the man.  I, personally, preferred the second applicant over the girls, who seemed too keen about the local nightclub scene.  But I know Mary, and once she’s made up her mind, it’s made up.

Really, you could say that my evening, as the landlord’s vetting assistant, had been wasted because my opinion wasn’t required in either case.  Instead it fuelled a few interesting reflections.

Most importantly, I’m left with the thought that when I own my next home, and choose to rent, I’ll do the screening myself, but then I’ll do the background check through a professional vetting service.

Professionally vetting someone, be it an employee or tenant, is really the highest of compliments.  Whoever is doing the vetting is going for the best, and they’re using best practices to ensure that’s you.

In my last role, I was asked to do a background check through an external company, and I happily complied.  I knew I was dealing with professionals who wanted the best, and at that time it just happened to be me.  The process was relatively fast, maximum two weeks, and I was given a ‘stamp of approval’.  Having to provide proof of my credentials, and references, along with my ID, and residency status, etc., didn’t leave me with any negative impressions about my employer.  Rather it made them seem more credible, more solid.  And it reassured me.  Think about this for a moment, if you weren’t vetted at your current employment, who’s that sitting beside you, or at the front desk, or in the CEO’s office?  You can’t really be sure, can you?

Always use professional vetting services.  Contact PeopleSearches.com today.