Background Checks

A background check involves accessing publicly available information on a particular individual.  If you love detective movies, it might sound fishy, like you’re about to conduct an illegal bust.  But rest assured, background checks are well-within your legal rights.

Here are a few pointers on Background Checks:

Go through a professional service provider.  The money invested will be well paid off, when you calculate how much time it would have taken you to access the same information yourself.  It’s well worth remembering that we are usually more than happy to pay for results, until we hear that we can get them for free.  But zero cost is not the same as zero cost and time.  Ask a lawyer to write you a contract and they’ll do so in a fraction of the time it takes you to understand enough contract law to write your own contract.  And even then, you can’t be sure it will hold in court.  The same thing applies for background searches.  Ask a professional to conduct a background search on someone else, and they’ll know the loopholes to go through.  Try figure that out yourself, and you’re giving the person, a generous head-start to leave town if they want to.  Again, free is not just about money, it needs to be about time as well.

Expect to be asked why you want or need to conduct a background check.  This just makes good business sense.  If a company wants to provide you with the best service possible, they’ll need to do a needs’ assessment of sorts.  For example, you might not opt for a criminal check for your mechanic, but you certainly should consider this as a necessity if you’re an employer wanting to hire employees with clean backgrounds.

Expect to uncover the individual’s full name, address of residence, business address, workplace, as a bare minimum, but do stipulate at the outset if you want a criminal check to be included in the background check.  Don’t take the criminal check as a given, and assume that you’ll find out about the person’s traffic violations, or misdemeanours.  It will actually depend on what type of background check you opt for.  The most thorough check, includes a criminal check, and that’s the one any professional service providers should be recommending.

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