Pay For Your People Search

If you’re reading this, you probably Googled “People Searches”, which suggests you are looking for someone, or looking for information about conducting people searches.  This is a paid service but we invite you to read on nonetheless.

Here are 3 recommendations to help you with your People Search:

Ignore the offers for free people searches.   If you’re looking to find a person, a significant other, a friend or family that you’ve lost contact with, a child of legal age, an ex-business associate or a former employee, do not entrust this matter to a free service.  Absolutely not!  We’re in an odd era, where the Internet has given us global access to gy-normous quantities of information, about any topic imaginable, and it’s often free for the taking.  You name it, you Google it and it’s free at your fingertips.  But so what?  Really!  How are you supposed to sieve through all the information out there and discern what’s relevant and what isn’t?  If you Google People Searches, today you’ll find 451,000,000 matches.  Imagine that these matches were people.  Imagine trying to find the person you’re looking for in amongst a crowd of 451 million.  It’s going to take some time.  Call me old-school, but there’s something about paying for service that suggests it’ll be done properly, by a professional working in his or her domain of expertise.

Research the professional People Search company.  Find out how long they have been in existence.  Request testimonials from the search provider.  Send a general enquiry about their services, and see how quickly they get back to you.  Ask about guarantees and their refund policy.

Provide as much information about the missing person as possible to the People Search company.  The more information you can provide about the person, the better.  Set up a file where you record any information or clues that you think of.  Name, age, last address, last employer, where they said they grew up, an old phone number you have in your address book, an email address, anything you can think might be useful.  Leave it up to the professionals to determine what actually will help them because this way you are not second-guessing yourself and censoring information that might be fundamental in locating the person.

Don’t leave your People Search to ‘hit and miss’.  Go with a professional provider, like And expect to pay for results.