Looking for a The-Guy-Down-the-Street You Used to Play Football With?

It is funny how years can go by, and then out of the blue, you think of that high school friend or the neighbor down the street or even the guy at you used to play football with, and you wonder where they’re at.  People touch our lives, and sometimes you lose contact, and then one day, you realize that you’d like them back in your life.

Nowadays, the world is literally at our fingertips, and we certainly don’t lack for communication tools to help us reach out to anyone, anywhere, in all corners of the globe.  If you want to search somebody on the Internet, the choice of search engines is abundant.  Among the more popular, are Google, Yahoo, MSN and the list is growing with the likes of Bing.  And then there are the social networking sites, like Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  If you’re looking for someone, and you’ve got their vital statistics, like first name, last name, last or current place of employment, and maybe even their address, you’ve pretty much got it covered.  That person is probably just a phone call away, unless they’re not who you think they are, and that’s a different story completely.

But what are you supposed to do when you want to get a hold of Bob? The football guy doesn’t have a last name as far as you’re concerned? And all you’ve got is his old address because he actually lived down the street from you.

Your best bet is to solicit the services of a professional people finder.  Of course, you can always go with a PI or private investigator but it’s really not surprising if you’re a bit reluctant to do so, given the nature of your hunt.  It seems a bit drastic doesn’t it?

PeopleSearches.com offers a user-friendly search tool for individuals wanting to re-establish contact with people they have lost contact with and for family.  They also facilitate the search for individuals reported missing to the police, and possibly believed victims of foul play.   They tap into a reliable nationwide database containing personal data records which are regularly updated.  Searches can be conducted with the details you have, and so if you only have a last name and an old address to go by, you can still run the search.