Employers Err on the Side of Caution: Do that Background Check!

Times are changing.  If you’re a small business owner today, you really have to think carefully about you who take on board as a new staff member and potential liabilities.

Written reference checks can be easily falsified with some effort.  And even verbal references can be given by friends or ex-colleagues who are in the know.  On top of this, data protection legislation has made some employers reluctant to say exactly how bad an ex-employee was for fear of it will get back to them.  An individual who feels that he has been given an unfair reference may choose to ask to see what exactly was said, and what support documents or proof the ex-employer had.

What does this mean for the employer?  He might find he’s hired someone who he thinks has good and honest references, but who turns out to be far from employee-of-the month.   And this is a costly mistake for any business to make.

Here’s a tale that advocates proper background checks.   A friend of mine who works for a recruitment agency put forward a candidate for a sales role and an offer of employment was made, conditional to references.  Two days later, the employer-to-be withdrew his offer of employment.   Now this a sticky situation for any employer, even if there’s a recruitment agency and an in-house HR Manager involved in the process.  Sure bad references are bad references but the real concern lies in how everything was documented.  At worst, the candidate may opt to exercises his rights under the Data Protection Act, which leaves the ex-employer to substantiate what you said with hard evidence.

Whether you’re a one-man business or have an HR department, it pays to go through a professional service which can conduct your employee background checks.  Hiring someone is costly enough as it is without having to fire them in short success.

PeopleSearches.com is synonymous with high quality background checks.  They have access to many different public record databases.  They can verify not only the personal data that a potential employee provides, but also conduct a criminal check.   And it’s worthwhile to note, that there are many an individual who will not apply for employment with a company with stringent background checks because they know they won’t get past the checks.

Be one of those companies whose hiring practises are associated with reputable specialists in background and criminal checks.  Contact PeopleSearches.com today for more information.