Crime Prevention

My brother-in-law is a hard-working individual who works in sales.  He has held three different roles in the last five years.  When he got the role he’s in today, it represented a significant promotion for him and he made sure everyone in the family heard all the hoops he went through – the 5 page form that needed filling out, with a full chronology of his last ten years of employment, a full medical, and three written references conducted by a company specializing in background checks.  After complaining half-boastingly about how lengthy the process was, he said all he’d ever had to do in the past was give his two references.

A professional might wonder, but isn’t this what happens in all cases?  Far from it! Just for a moment think back on your own career.  How many positions of responsibility have you held where it was your word alone that got you into the company?

But perhaps this approach is soon to become one of the past.  Today, hiring an employee without conducting a full-fledged background check and criminal check is quasi-criminal.  This might sound a tad radical but really, doesn’t the hiring manager(s) owe it to his fellow staff to ensure that any new additions to the team have been adequately vetted?  After all, once you’ve had a case of theft or sexual harassment or assault in the workplace, it’s not really that appropriate to say: “Look sorry, his references checked out and we didn’t think a criminal check was in order”.

This attitude would mean employing new staff only on condition that they undergo and pass a criminal check.  So let’s say, the small business owner decides to opt for more thorough background checks, including a criminal check.  How best should he proceed?  Thanks to the advancements in technology, one could imagine that the process is quite straightforward.  For example, it is now relatively easy to find out a lot about a person’s character and background thanks to search engines and in particular social networking tools, such as Facebook and Myspace.  The real problem is actually knowing when to stop the searching.

All the more reason for those businesses, small and large alike, to outsource the task of employee background checks to a company specialized in this domain. are specialists in employee background checks.  Call them today!