Be Smart – Know Your Childminder

In the US, every year, nearly a million people nationwide are reported missing in cases of suspected foul play.

Listening to crimes on the news is alarming, and especially so for those who have more vulnerable family members in their care.  Even the smaller towns for families wanting safe environments to raise their families are reporting cases that shock and disturb. Last year, the story of a young man, on the bus, texting an ex-girlfriend before being decapitated left me chilled.  And the truth is that if we’re not careful, these crimes will continue to happen and grow in the future.

Today, we have both the technology and means to access the criminal records of people we entrust with important matters – be it your baby’s nanny, your teenage daughter’s best friend, staff for a family-run business, a financial advisor or a person in your entourage who leaves you feeling suspicious or unsafe.

Safety first, would YOU entrust your child or your business in or your finances in the hands of a stranger without doing a background check?  This might not have seemed necessary even 10 or 20 years ago, but today more and more people like the peace of mind such measures provide.  In fact, today you could almost say it’s criminal not to take these precautions.

Today, individuals can request access to online public criminal records and they can choose between free and paid criminal record providers. We, here at recommend either of these services as they will help ensure you obtain reliable records. The paid service can be foolproof. And at a very minimal cost, the peace of mind you get is well worth it.

For individuals whose natural instinct is to trust others and to give people the benefit of the doubt, conducting a criminal record search is out of their norm but a safer decision.  I often ask my friends who have children if they have cell phones and a special alert code.  It would be a nicer world to not have to ask this question.