Be Smart – Know Your Childminder

In the US, every year, nearly a million people nationwide are reported missing in cases of suspected foul play.

Listening to crimes on the news is alarming, and especially so for those who have more vulnerable family members in their care.  Even the smaller towns for families wanting safe environments to raise their families are reporting cases that shock and disturb. Last year, the story of a young man, on the bus, texting an ex-girlfriend before being decapitated left me chilled.  And the truth is that if we’re not careful, these crimes will continue to happen and grow in the future.

Today, we have both the technology and means to access the criminal records of people we entrust with important matters – be it your baby’s nanny, your teenage daughter’s best friend, staff for a family-run business, a financial advisor or a person in your entourage who leaves you feeling suspicious or unsafe.

Safety first, would YOU entrust your child or your business in or your finances in the hands of a stranger without doing a background check?  This might not have seemed necessary even 10 or 20 years ago, but today more and more people like the peace of mind such measures provide.  In fact, today you could almost say it’s criminal not to take these precautions.

Today, individuals can request access to online public criminal records and they can choose between free and paid criminal record providers. We, here at recommend either of these services as they will help ensure you obtain reliable records. The paid service can be foolproof. And at a very minimal cost, the peace of mind you get is well worth it.

For individuals whose natural instinct is to trust others and to give people the benefit of the doubt, conducting a criminal record search is out of their norm but a safer decision.  I often ask my friends who have children if they have cell phones and a special alert code.  It would be a nicer world to not have to ask this question.

Accessing Public Records: Helping Ensure the People you Trust are the Trustworthy

Accessing Public Records allows individuals to conduct a more thorough background check, including a criminal check, on anyone they wish to work closely with.

To the staff at, this simply is common sense.

Would and should you feel 100% safe leaving your child with a child-minder who is a stranger to you and your family?  Should you feel 100% safe entrusting the keys to your business to a stranger?  Quite categorically, NO, you should not, regardless of how good their references are.

Every day, hard-working intelligent individuals are duped by people that they choose to trust.  It helps to remember that individuals who make a living out of crime are professionals.  And while a trustworthy person is looking to build a relationship of trust, an unscrupulous individual is looking for ways to give them reason to trust.

Let’s say you decide to hire a Personal Assistant or a Sales Rep. or even seasonal office support.

Or perhaps you hire a new nanny or a personal trainer.  You really only have two options:  1) to stop at the professional reference checks or 2) to conduct a criminal check as well.  Today, you want both the reference checks and the criminal check.

Here’s an example of what can go wrong.  A Regional Sales Manager was hired on through a recruitment agency.  As per industry practice, the employer conducted satisfactory written and verbal reference checks.  Five months later, the manager was discovered destroying sales receipts and falsifying VAT amounts.  This is a classic example of where the employer did the right thing, but still gets short-changed by a dishonest employee.  What did it cost the employer?  Lost revenue and reputation, and the added embarrassment of having clients approach the CEO to discuss billing discrepancies.  What bothers me personally is that the criminal activity of this employee went undetected for five months.  What if the crime was not theft but sexual molestation?  What would it cost the parties involved then? provides, at a small fee, firsthand access to a person’s real identity and authentic credentials, including:

  • personal data (eg. full legal name, date of birth, current and previous addresses, contact numbers, marital status)
  • educational records
  • business status
  • bankruptcy declarations
  • criminal records, if there are any

Do be the employer who informs all potential employees that as part of your standard practises, you need to properly vet all candidates and this includes a criminal record check.

Does not be the person that says after the fact, that you had always felt there was something amiss.

New Alternatives in People Searches

Every year, nearly a million people in the U.S. are reported missing nationwide.   In 2008 alone, nearly 800,000 new reports were filed, and this does not include the additional 100,000 “active” cases from previous years.  Given that federal law only requires police to accept reports of missing minors, these statistics may be grossly distorted.

Since 1975, the FBI’s National Crime Information Center (NCIC) has kept records of missing people searches in its missing person’s database.   The federal database contains data on crime-related missing persons – individuals believed to have come to harm’s way, or to be fleeing justice.

More recently, in 2007, the U.S. Justice Department implemented the final phase of the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NAMUS).  NAMUS compares information held in the missing person’s database and the national morgues database.  This represents a significant step forward, further assisting family of missing people to explore as many avenues as possible to find out the whereabouts of their loved ones, and in some cases to allow closure.

Despite the advances in criminal technology, and database tracking, one can only imagine that there are thousands upon thousands of individuals who are missing and who are not being tracked in the federal missing persons database– either because the police did not accept the report of the missing adult, or the case did not involve criminal wrong-doing.

And similarly, there must be thousands upon thousands of individuals searching to locate people ‘missing’ in their lives, such as a birth parent or long-lost friend or old classmates.

Today, there are a growing number of ‘alternative’ private services, such as, which offers online private people searches and criminal investigations of people deemed suspicious.

If you visit their website, you can trial-run for yourself.  I typed in my own name, only to be that nationwide there are three of us.  If I wish to access personal details and other records in detail, then this is an option, at a fee of course.  Such searches can be conducted with the details you have, and if you only have a last name to go by, you can still run the search. maintains a high-standard database containing personal data records that are updated regularly.

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